A new book on the way, ‘The Wounded Nurse.’

I’m excited to tell you that I will be releasing a new book soon, ‘The Wounded Nurse.’ The story of an American Medical Corps nurse coming to Italy to help the wounded, but is injured by a German plane attack and loses her leg.

The novel tells about her struggle to become a nurse once again and the relationship between her and John, a blind wounded soldier to whom she reads letters at night.

To me, as a writer, every story has its own difficulties, and ‘The Wounded Nurse,’ was not exception. In this book, the challenge was the starting point. Even though I had the entire plot in my head, I couldn’t decide what would be the best starting point for Grace, the heroine, to start her journey.

‘OK,’ I thought to myself, ‘so the story takes place in Italy, during the endless battles to break through the German defensive line, but where do I want it to begin? Do I want the heroine to start her journey from the North African desert to Italy? Maybe the port of Naples is the right place for her, as she disembarks the ship? Or perhaps, arriving from Cairo, where a large British Army headquarter was stationed?

Eleven versions were written for the beginning, but I didn’t like any of them until I wrote number twelve; a field hospital south of Rome in the middle of a major attack against the Germans line.

Currently, I’m editing the book and preparing the cover sketches, and in a few months, to the book will be published. And with every day that goes by, I’m more excited.

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