Saving Rebacca

In the shadow of the Nazi regime, one woman fights to shield her daughter from the talons of evil.

Paris, 1941. Sarah, a Jewish woman, finds herself trapped in the city with her five-year-old daughter, Rebecca, as World War II rages on. Desperate to escape the tightening grip of Nazi oppression, they attempt to flee to neutral Spain. However, their hopes are shattered as they are captured by the French police and sent to the Drancy internment camp, located north of Paris, where French Jews are being ruthlessly rounded up by the Nazi authorities.

Within the confines of the camp, surrounded by a bleak reality, Sarah strives to preserve Rebecca’s innocence through enchanting tales of a bear and the good hunters who watch over it. Yet, even as she weaves these tales of hope, Sarah must also teach her daughter the harsh lessons of survival and how to defend herself against those who seek to harm them.

As time slips away, it becomes increasingly clear that the Germans are determined to send all the Jews in the camp to a single, horrifying destination – a notorious camp in the East, only whispered about in fearful tones.

With the fate of the trains looming ever closer, Sarah faces an impossible choice. Will she find a way to keep Rebecca safe from the iron grasp of the Nazis, or will their fates be sealed by the cruelty of war?

This powerful women’s fictional novel tells the story of a mother’s unwavering love, a testament to the unbreakable bond between parent and child in the face of unimaginable adversity. This book will grip your heart and linger in your mind long after the final page is turned.

The Girl Under the Flag

Monique would do anything to live.

Running for her life from the Nazis, Monique, a seventeen-year-old Jewish girl, escapes through the streets of Paris, searching for a place to hide.

In a dark basement deep within the city, Philip, a man of the Resistance, offers her a deal in order to save her life by changing her identity. In return, she needs to provide information about the Germans by becoming acquainted with them.

Torn between her feelings for Philip and her fear of Herr Ernest, a German officer who shows special interest in her, Monique steps deeper and deeper into the jaws of the Nazi beast. But with every day that passes, she knows that it is only a matter of time before she makes a mistake and becomes discovered by the Germans – the price for that being her life.

Through her own eyes, Monique tells of her efforts to survive within occupied Paris, torn between the cafés bustling with people and the poor citizens endlessly waiting in lines, food-ration stubs in hand. But above all, this is a story about a girl who has to fight for her freedom during those dark and dreadful days, fervently refusing to give up, while the German soldiers march through the streets of Paris, stomping the ground with their hobnailed boots.

The Wounded Nurse

Italy 1944, Grace, a military nurse, is injured in a German plane attack and loses her leg. For her, the war is over.

Lying in a military hospital south of Rome, Grace decides to escape the convoy back home. She wants to recover, become a nurse once again and tend to other wounded soldiers.

John, who was blinded from his injury, lies in bed next to her and at night Grace begins to read him letters from the woman awaiting him back home. He’s the only one who doesn’t see her disability.

But, as Grace becomes more attached to John, she realizes that he will never love her and that maybe she should date Henry, a bomber pilot from the nearby airfield who is courting her, making her forget about her love for John.

Who will Grace finally choose? Will she succeed in being a nurse once again despite her injury? And will John fall in love with her eventually?

Through her own eyes, Grace tells the story of a young woman who struggles to recover and find love in the chaos of World War II.

Until I Hold You Again

How far will you go to hold again the one you love?

Kyiv, Ukraine 2021, Anuchka, a young Ukrainian student, finds an old photo of a woman standing beside a motorcycle, but her grandmother refuses to tell her who that woman is.

Italy 1940, Francesca, a young Italian woman who opposes the fascists, meets a handsome man and marries him, but a few months later, he is drafted into the Italian army, fighting alongside the Germans. Two years later, he’s sent to Russia to the Battle of Stalingrad.

Step by step, Anuchka tries to find out who is the woman in the photo and what secret her grandmother is hiding.

Step by step, Francesca tries to find out where her husband is and what happened to him in the war.

Between past and present, a story of love and dedication unravels. A story of a young Italian woman who stands alone facing World War II’s chaos, ready to go to the end of the world to find the man she loves. But is her love enough? Will she be able to retrieve her husband, or will she be forced to give up?

A Woman’s Flame 

A Historical Novel About a Woman Who Paved Her Own Path.

She could have been a servant all her life and never complain, but she chose to be different.

This novel is inspired by real events.

Vienna, 1910: A sixteen-year-old red-haired girl is banished from her home and thrown to the streets. She must find a way to survive, as the police ban those who sleep outside at night.

In her desperate search, she manages to enter a women’s hostel, but it soon becomes clear to her that this hostel is just a façade, and the girls there are being exploited to entertain the gentlemen who visit. She knows she has to escape.

Her chance will come when a famous painter enters the hostel in search of a model for his paintings. Now, she must make a life-altering decision: Will she step into the unknown world of Viennese Bohemian painters, or will she remain in a place where women have only one predetermined destiny?

This novel draws inspiration from the life story of the red-haired girl who posed for the iconic paintings of Gustav Klimt and became the lover and muse of the renowned painter Egon Schiele: Walburga Neuzil, known as Wally.