I’m fifty-five today, and I want to celebrate with you, my readers

I’m fifty-five today, and I want to celebrate with you, my readers

I’m 55 today, my first full year as an author of historical fiction.

Though I always dreamt of writing books, I only wrote my first one three years ago, at the age of fifty-two. I guess it’s never too late to start fighting for your dreams.

Before that, besides being a parent and working in computer programming, I painted and photographed for many years. Still, I opened my doc sheet just about three years ago and started to write my first novel.

To be honest, I think my first three books weren’t that good. They were romantic and sweet, but to me something was missing. It took me some time to figure out the missing part. After a lot of thinking, I said to myself: ‘Hey, why don’t you write about a subject you really like and know and read a lot about? Why don’t you write about history?’ And on that day I started to write The Girl Under the Flag, my first historical fiction novel.

This year has been good to me,  even though the pandemic affected the lives of everyone, and mine as well. A year ago, I released The Girl Under the Flag as the first book in a series. Later this year I wrote my second novel, The Wounded Nurse, due for release in a few months, and these days I’ve started the third book in the series, hopefully to be released in the coming autumn. It was a busy and enjoyable year of writing for me.

But all this couldn’t have happened without you, my readers, and I thank you for reading my books and newsletters.

And I want to thank you, my loyal newsletters readers,  with a small gift. Today and tomorrow, my two short stories “The Soldier’s Hobnailed Boots” and “Four Franc Coins” will be free on Amazon. You are invited to grab them.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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